Guidelines for Agreements

Guidelines for Agreements with Unifesp
The purpose of the Academic Cooperation Agreements between Unifesp and foreign institutions is to promote, develop and implement the cooperation through mutual interest propositions related to the areas of education, research and social policy, in compliance with the mission of both institutions.
The actions envisaged under the agreements are:

I)    To promote and stimulate exchange programs for faculty, researchers and undergraduate and graduate students to take courses, seminars, internships and other activities in undergraduate and graduate programs of common interest;
II)     to Implement scientific and/or educational programs and activities for faculty, researchers and students;
III)      to mutually contribute for the planning, development and conduction of research of common interest;
IV)     to jointly promote the extension and research activities of social impact,
V)       to jointly publish reports and results achieved regarding activities carried out jointly.
Click here to obtain the necessary information for the conclusion of cooperation agreements with Unifesp, as well as for the procedures adopted, documents requested and the standard draft in English, French and Spanish.