Office of International Affairs

Mission, Goals and Assignments

The International Relations Office is an executive advisory body of Unifesp´s rectorate.


The International Relations Office, responsible for implementing Unifesp´s international relations policy, aims at promoting the institution´s international integration according to its Institutional Development Plan.


The International Relations Office aims at promoting:
I. the strengthening and the expansion of Unifesp´s partnerships with world class institutions:
II. the strengthening of Unifesp as an international reference center and the increase of its international visibility;
III. the fostering of the international mobility of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students;
IV. the dissemination of Unifesp´s scientific, technological, cultural and academic production abroad.


The International Relations Office has the following duties:

I-    to propose, implement and promote international cooperation activities at Unifesp according to the guidance from central boards;

II-    to provide updated information on education and mobility programs to the academic community;

III-     to advise interested parties in participating in exchange programs abroad well as to foreigners interested in coming to Unifesp;

IV-     to plan, guide, promote and coordinate international programs, projects and activities within Unifesp´s scope of action;

V- to prepare drafts of partnership and cooperation agreements and adapt them to  Unifesp´s  cooperation policies;

VI-to promote, through printed and electronic material, the disclosure of activities developed by Unifesp to foreign institutions;

VII- to publish in an electronic page updated information on signed cooperation agreements and grant opportunities;

VIII- to represent Unifesp in events aiming at promoting new partnerships, to publicize the institution´s actions and to share experiences;

IX-  to advise the Rectorate and the academic units in issues related to international cooperation.