Graduate Programs of International Quality

All graduate programs in Brazil are evaluated every four years by the Brazilian Federal Agency for Post-graduate Education (CAPES), in partnership with the academic and scientific community. Those that receive a score of 6 or 7 are considered of excellent quality at both national and international level. In practice, this means scientific production with strong insertion in the upper strata of scientific journals (status granted to publications acknowledged for their excellence by the scientific community), national and international awards, exchange of researchers and professors between leading institutions in their areas of knowledge, internationalization of their research projects, faculty with a high level of education and experience, a structure designed to meet research demands, including international standard infrastructure and a high degree of social insertion.

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 Biological Sciences-Molecular Biology  programs webpage  researchers information
 Infectious Diseases  programs webpage  researchers information
 Medicine-Nephrology  programs webpage  researchers information
 Microbiology and Immunology  programs webpage  researchers information
 Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences  programs webpage  researchers information
 Psychobiology  programs webpage  researchers information
 Human Communication Disorders  programs webpage  researchers information
 Neurology/Neurosciences  programs webpage  researchers information
 Nutrition  programs webpage  researchers information
 Pharmacology  programs webpage  researchers information
 Psychiatry and Medical Psychology  programs webpage  researchers information
 Translational Surgery  programs webpage  researchers information