The Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), created by Law No. 8,957 of December 15, 1994,  headquartered in the city of São Paulo, capital of the State of São Paulo, is a Federal Institution of Higher Education with a multicampi structure.

Unifesp´s leadership team is dedicated to fulfilling the University´s mission that is to perform inseparable activities of teaching, research and extension with excellence.

Its major divisions and its administrative units can be found at the organizational chart.

The Rectorate is the central executive body headed by the Rector. It has its own structure and duties established by own regiment.

The University Council is the upper deliberative body of the University.

The Board of Trustees is the body responsible for monitoring and supervising the financial and economic activities of the University.

The central administration of the University is managed by the Executive Vice-Rectorates which collaborate and communicate with one another to maintain Unifesp´s daily activities and to plan for the future. They are responsible for the highest level of administration at the University.

Unifesp carries out its activities through University Units constituted by Schools, Colleges and Institutes, distributed in their respective Campuses. The Units are divided into Departments, which are responsible for teaching, research and extension in specific areas of knowledge.

In addition, the university has complementary bodies integrated into its organizational structure, which aim at collaborating with teaching, research and extension activities and are organized by activity field.