Composition and assignments of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed by:

I - four Full Professors;

II - four Associate Professors;

III - four Assistant Professors;

IV - two students- an undergraduate and a graduate student;

V - two administrative staff members in education ;

VI - three representatives of the external community.


The assignments of the Board of Trustees are:

I - to comment on the budget proposal;

II - to opine on the provision of the Rector´s accounts;

III - to monitor and to supervise the financial and economic activities of the University;

IV - to comment on the acceptance of bequests and donations, when clauses or resulting burden applies;

V - to comment on the administration of real estate assets.

The Board of Trustees shall meet ordinarily every three months and, extraordinarily, when called by the Rector or the University Council.



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