Foreign Medical Graduates

Foreign medical graduates interested in enrolling in Specialized and Professional Development Courses should go to the Extension Chamber of the Escola Paulista de Medicina located at Rua Pedro de Toledo, 650, 2nd floor, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. They should fill in the registration form, pay the enrollment fee (GRU) of R$ 150,00 (one hundred and fifty reais) and present a duly documented curriculum.

Candidates must also be within the conditions established by Resolution no. 1832 from January 11, 2008, issued by the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine (CFM).

Foreign candidates can only apply for courses that accept foreign candidates and that meet the academic, bureaucratic and legal requirements established by the Course Coordination, by the Brazilian Government and by PROEC (Unifesp´s Executive Vice-Rectorate of Extension and Culture).

Foreign candidates, holders of a temporary visa, who are interested in conducting such courses are not authorized to perform medical acts without the presence and direct supervision of a doctor of high ethical and professional qualification from the Institution.

In accordance with Resolution no. 1831, from January 9, 2008, issued by the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese (CELPE-BRAS) with an upper intermediate level, issued by the Ministry of Education is required.

It is mandatory to have a CPF (individual registration number).