Transversal Research

longevidade neurociencia Cidades e desenvolvimento oncologia


The increase of human longevity along with the aging of the population (proportional increase of the elderly) can be considered the most important...

Neuroscience, Cognition And Education

Neuroscience encompasses knowledge from health sciences, human sciences and exact sciences ultimately applied to clinical, industrial and educational areas.

Sustainable Development and Cities

Nowadays, cities are the center of debates related to global sustainability. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities marked by deep social/spatial inequality.



Oncology is dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer, whose development is related to environmental factors and life habits, being 10% hereditary.

Promoção do bem estar (2) contemporaneidade inflamação (1) doenças

Promotion of Well-Being to Face Issues
Related To Violence And Drug Use

The problems associated with the use of drugs and violence stand out among the main challenges in the area of public health, education and security policies.

Contemporary Studies

Human Sciences have for an object the issues of the cultures that nowadays are presented in globalization, being the East and the West homogenized by the economy, by the science and ...


Inflammation is an answer to infection or tissue damage that occurs to eradicate microorganisms or irritating agents and to potentiate tissue repair.

Emerging, Infectious and Neglected Diseases

The research on Emerging, Infectious and Neglected Diseases aims to contemplate the development and internationalization of research focused on the needs of patients and the development of tools…