[Internacional] EiF - Enhancing Communication and Use of Information in Engineering


Engineering Information Foundation (EiF) recebe propostas para financiamento de projetos de pesquisa na área de Comunicação em Engenharia.

The Engineering Information Foundation (EiF) mission is to improve worldwide engineering education and practice through information technology and the recruitment of women. New engineering accreditation standards recognize the importance of incorporating communication skills in engineering education. Studies of working engineers show that communication - including writing, speaking, group interaction, listening, information seeking, and understanding - are essential components of their work.

The Enhancing Communication and Use of Information in Engineering goal is to assist in improving communication skills of engineers by identifying successful approaches for including communication behavior into engineering curricula. The EiF's grant activity supports developmental projects, instructional projects, and training programs in engineering education and research that fit the foundation's fields of interest.

Note: Collaborative projects between schools of engineering, communications, and/or information science are especially welcome.

Data Limite Deadlines for submissions are: February 28 and August 31.

Elegibilidade Qualified not-for-profit organizations. Both US and non-U.S. institutions are eligible for the Program.

Valor Financiado Up to US$25,000.00.

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Fonte As informações descritas acima foram obtidas na homepage e por contato direto com a Financiadora.

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