[Internacional] Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection 2017


Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection recebe inscrições para financiamento de projetos de pesquisa na área de proteção das aves.

The Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection has been involved in bird protection related projects all around the world since 1990. Since 1991 the Swedish Club300 has contributed more than US$600,000.00 to bird protection projects all around the world. Projects that Club300 have supported include conservation and research on many rare, threatened or little known species like Guerney's Pitta, Hawaiian Crow, Pale-headed Brush-finch, Puaiohi and Sumatran Ground Cuckoo.

Only applications concerning projects aimed at birds listed as Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN), Extinct in the Wild (EW) or Data Deficient (DD) on the IUCN Red List of threatened species are eligible for funding. These categories comprise about 590 of the worlds most threatened or least known species. A list of these species can be generated on the Birdlife International Data zone.

Data Limite Applications for each year must be received by July 31st.

Elegibilidade The grant is open to everyone. Only applications concerning bird protection will be considered.

Valor Financiado The maximum annual amount granted to a single project is US$5,000.00.

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