Lines of Research

LP 1 - Nutritional epidemiology, urban health, sociocultural processes and public policies

Currently, nutrition is central to the health agenda. The health / nutrition combination is diffused by a socio-historical-cultural background that shapes food and the urban environment, thus requiring the production of interdisciplinary knowledge and formulation of policies. Frontlines: Study of the magnitude, distribution and determinants of nutritional issues. Research and evaluation of interventions in health / nutrition in the urban context. Food / body / culture analysis using a theoretical / methodological framework for the Sociology and Anthropology of Food; critical reading of obesity, dietary practices, body and eating disorders. Study on the history of public policies, emphasizing food and nutrition; analysis of scope and limits to these policies in a historical and social context; diagnosis, planning, evaluation, and development of impact indicators in food and nutrition policies.

LP 2 - Food science and health

Several interdisciplinary approaches designed to apply the knowledge of food science to target groups. In this context, projects are dedicated to the research of the attributes of nutritional, functional, hygiene-sanitary, physical-chemical, sensorial and legal quality of food. Among the objects of study are: 1) evaluation of the constituents of food, its technological function and its effects on health; 2) identification and quantification of bioactive compounds in foods of Brazilian biodiversity; 3) development of nutritionally improved products; 4) nutritional implications due to preparation techniques and their effects on food composition, nutrient retention and activity; 5) technological and nutritional implications of food formulations with special dietary goals; and 6) analysis of quality control and good practices, proposing strategies to improve food health and safety.

LP 3 - Clinical and experimental nutrition

The use of modern research techniques and technological advances of the modern world has been found to require a special dynamism proposed by the science of nutrition. Eating has been identified as one of the main causal factors in the development of diseases. On the other hand, our diet is extremely important in the treatment of various diseases. This line of research aims to develop studies in Clinical and Experimental Nutrition focusing on the practical implementation of health. The goals of this line of research are: promoting the study and research in the area of Clinical and Experimental Nutrition; providing technical support to health professionals in order to enhance their expertise in the field of Clinical and Experimental Nutrition; studying the clinical-nutritional problems in view of the individual and community health; encouraging different health professionals to take part in an interdisciplinary team aiming at promoting and maintaining health.