Accreditation of lecturers

Lecturers interested in being part of the faculty body of the Interdisciplinary Program in Interdisciplinary Studies in Marine Science and Technology should pay attention to the criteria established by the Multidisciplinary Graduate Technical Committee of the Federal University of São Paulo.

The Accreditation submission for new lecturers will be received by PPG-ICTMAR annually in a date to be announced on the program’s webpage.

The Internal Regulation of the PPG-ICTMAR establishes the following guidelines for the accreditation and re-accreditation of the faculty body. The mandatory requirements are:

  1. Fulfilling all the criteria established in the Multidisciplinary Graduate Technical Committee of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Unifesp
  2. Fulfilling the criteria established by CAPES concerning exclusive dedication for academic activities in the PPG-ICTMAR;
  3. The Accreditation submission requires the approval of a student in the PPG-ICTMAR selection process;
  4. The Accreditation submission has to provide a need an action planning in lectures, research and outreach to be developed within the scope of the PPG-ICTMAR
  5. Re-accreditation must be requested 30 days in advance of the expiration date of the current
    accreditation. Missing the deadline to submit the application may result in the de-accreditation from the faculty body.
  6. The re-accreditation will be valid for a three years period, following the article 70th of the Unifesp Regulations.
    In addition to the above requirements, the accreditation / re-accreditation of new lecturers/advisors from institutions other than Unifesp will be limited to the  CAPES criteria concerning the number of investigators/advisors from outside of the host institution.