International Webinar at Unifesp: Dark Boson as a new force carrier

On December 6th, 2022 at 11 am (BRT)

webinar 06dez22

Speaker: Beyhan Bastin, Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds (GANIL) - France

Understanding the composition and functioning of our Universe are among the most fundamental and challenging questions in Physics. To date, the intrinsic nature of dark matter remains a mystery. This presentation is about the New JEDI project which aims to study through several nuclear physics experiments a fascinating alternative scenario, such as the existence of an indirect interaction between ordinary matter, well described by the Standard Model, and the Darks Sectors of the Universe via portals (so called bosons).

In other words, does a new fifth force of nature exist? For three years now, the collaboration has worked on the construction of a new detection system, named New JEDI. The latter is designed to be versatile in order to make a proposal for a large-scale broadband experimental program. The project relies on pathfinder experiments conducted at the ARAMIS-SCALP facility (Orsay, France). The commissioning of the New JEDI setup has been completed successfully on June 2021 at a tandetron facility in (Rez, Czech Republic). The first experiment was realized successfully from June to July 2022 at the ANDROMEDE facility (Orsay, France). A complementary experiment is foreseen at the iThemba LABS laboratory.

We plan to develop a long-term research program in the MeV terra incognita energy range at the new SPIRAL2 facility (Caen, France), that will deliver unique high-intensity beams of light, heavy-ions and neutrons in Europe. During the webinar, we will present first the GANIL-SPIRAL2 facility where the incoming New JEDI experiment is foreseen. Then, we will introduce the Dark Boson topic and the overall New JEDI project. In the presentation, we will provide a synthesis about the measurements carried out up to now and show as well some online spectra.

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