FAUBAI 2018-CONFERENCE : Brazilian Association for International Education : RIO DE JANEIRO

The FAUBAI – Brazilian Association for International Education invites you to the FAUBAI 2018 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the most important event on internalization of higher education in South America. It will focus on the relation between internationalization and research, the challenges and strategies to implement comprehensive internationalization policies and the attractiveness of Brazilian research.

Internationalization and Research: Challenges and Strategies

The conference will offer a unique opportunity to meet partners and some of the most important players and experts in the field as well as also to improve the knowledge of international policies and programs.

  • Vice-presidents, SIOs, Heads of International Offices from Brazil and Abroad
  • Specialists on internationalization of higher education
  • Representatives of associations and organizations from Brazil and abroad
  • Plenaries and Parallel Sessions

Save the date 
April 14 – 18, 2018 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More:  http://www.faubai.org.br/conf/2018/