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Allen Foundation recebe propostas para financiamento de projetos de pesquisa na área de coluna vertebral.

The Allen Foundation, established in 1975 by agricultural chemist William Webster Alle, operates under the laws of the State of Michigan with offices in Midland. The policies and priorities of the Allen Foundation are: to make grants to fund relevant nutritional research; to support programs for the education and training of mothers during pregnancy and after the birth of their children, so that good nutritional habits can be formed at an early age; to assist in the training of persons to work as educators and demonstrators of good nutritional practices; to encourage the dissemination of information regarding healthful nutritional practices and habits. The Allen Foundation Grants are strictly limited under the terms of the charter to projects that benefit programs for human nutrition in the areas of health, education, training, and research.

Data Limite December 31 of each year.

Elegibilidade Applicants must be a non-profit organization and be able to provide with a copy of their Internal Revenue Service certification of 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status. If applying from outside the United States, applicants must inform how the Foundation can document or confirm that they have their country's counterpart or equivalent of the 501(c)(3) form. Academic research should be conducted under the leadership of a principal investigator who is a full-time regular faculty member with tenure or on tenure track.
Note: Applicants must access the Eligibility Requirements for additional information.

Valor Financiado The grants for proposals funded in 2015 ranged from US$3,000.00 to US$227,205.00. Preference may be given to proposals that include matching funds from the institution or other partners including in-kind contribution. Third party contribution to matching funds such as computer or software donated from a company may be included.
Note: The Allen Foundation Inc. imposes a cap of twenty percent (20%) for overhead costs collected (on top of direct costs of completing the project) by colleges and universities.

Restrições The foundation does not under any circumstances sponsor professional conferences, seminar tables, discussion panels, or similar events. The foundation does not directly administer the programs which it funds.
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