[Internacional] Rabobank Employees Fund 2017


Rabobank recebe propostas para financiamento de projetos de pesquisa em diversas áreas.

Rabobank is a bank that is run for clients. Established in the Netherlands, it has grown to become an international financial services provider, active in the area of banking, capital management, leasing, insurance and real estate. Rabobank is a cooperative bank with agricultural roots. Rabobank knows the agricultural sector like no other. Moreover, it is its ambition to be the global leading food and agri bank. Through the Rabobank Employees Fund Rabobank funds projects located in one of the These Countries, and which involves the following themes:
- Education;
- Water supply.

Data Limite There is no deadline for applications.

Elegibilidade Rabobank client and/or link with employee (if it involves a foreign foundation);
Registered legal entity, proven track record of the foundation, and a clear and realistic financial basis (excerpt Chamber of Commerce, annual report and budget);
Meets the criteria for country, amount and theme:
Project is located in a focus country;
Project costs are max. €15,000.00 a year;
Project theme is education or water supply.

Valor Financiado The maximum amount that can be requested is €15,000.00 a year (max three years with a total of €45,000.00). For amounts higher than €5,000.00 co-financiers must be found.
Note: Donations will only be paid once it can be proven that funding for the entire project is in place.

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