[Internacional] Conservation, Food and Health Foundation - Grants 2017/2019


Conservation, Food and Health Foundation recebe propostas para financiamento de projetos de pesquisa em diversas áreas.

Incorporated in 1985, the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation seeks to promote the conservation of natural resources, improve the production and distribution of food, and improve health in the developing world. The foundation helps build capacity within developing countries in its three areas of interest with grants that support research or projects that solve specific problems.
The Grants support special projects and programs of non-governmental organizations in three primary fields of interest: conservation, food, and health. The Foundation favors research, training, and technical assistance projects that:
- Employ and/or train personnel from developing countries;
- Are led by organizations with strong records of accomplishments in a particular field and have potential for replication;
- Focus on regional or cross-boundary issues and opportunities;
- Feature collaborative partnerships embedded in strong networks;
- Strengthen local leadership and scientific capacity;
- Influence public discourse and policy;
- Focus on prevention rather than remediation;
- Attract additional support and hold promise for continuation or impact beyond the period of foundation support.

Data Limite July 1, 2017.

The foundation’s geographic focus is the developing world. It prefers to support organizations located in developing countries or to developed country organizations whose activities are of direct and immediate benefit to developing countries.
The foundation supports most types of nongovernmental organizations that can provide evidence of their nongovernmental status or charitable purpose. In general, the foundation will support:
- Non-governmental organizations (NGO);
- Nonprofit organizations;
- Civil society organizations;
- Community-based organizations;
- Colleges, universities and academic institutions.

Valor Financiado The average grant is approximately US$20,000.00.

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