Postgraduate Program in Operations Research UNIFESP/ITA

The Postgraduate Program in Operations Research (Acronym PPGPO in Portuguese) is an association of the Aeronautics Institute of Technology with the Institute for Science and Technology of the Federal University of São Paulo. PPGPO offers two groundbreaking research courses:
- 2-years Master in Operations Research/Industrial Engineering
- 4-years Doctorate in Operations Research/Industrial Engineering

The target audience of the program includes students undergraduate in Engineering or related fields (such as Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology, among others) that have a good quantitative background.

International students are welcome to any courses of the program. These courses are tuition-free, and, additionally, there is the possibility of scholarship including for international students.

Apply online until 7th May 2021 to start in August. Visit [CLICK HERE TO APPLY]

Areas of Research

This area brings together research that focuses on extracting knowledge from different data sources combined with analysis and processing techniques to discover the knowledge in different areas of domains such as aerospace, health, governance, and economics.

This area researches strategies, methods, and models to support the decision-making process.

This area focuses on the study of methods and models of operations research that generate exact and/or approximate solutions to optimization problems.


PPGPO is located in São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil, between Rio (276km or 171mi) and São Paulo (89km or 55mi), the two biggest cities of Brazil, and less than 90 minutes from the São Paulo International Airport; São José dos Campos or SJC is one of the most vibrant, modern, and international town in Brazil.

This town is a home of some of the most prominent industries and manufacturers in Brazil, such as Embraer, the world's third-largest commercial aircraft manufacturer solely after Boeing and Airbus.

According to the Financial Times, SJC is a sophisticated environment for doing business in this country, and one of the top-3 places in the world for business in the aerospace sector.