Web-Simpósio Gratuito: "Rigor na ciência: o desafio da reprodutibilidade na pesquisa biomédica"

Data: 08 de novembro - Keystone Symposia
Site do evento: bit.ly/ScienceRigorVKS  
Please join us for a FREE virtual webcast on "RIGOR IN SCIENCE: THE CHALLENGE OF REPRODUCIBILITY IN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH [9]." Scientists are increasingly finding that factors like age and gender as well as

environmental factors such as temperature, different microbiota, time of day/circadian rhythms and even gender of animal handlers are influencing the outcome of their experiments and causing difficultly in reproducing
their results. This lively roundtable discussion moderated by Richard Harris of NPR (and author of the recently published book, _Rigormortis) discusses specific situations the scientist panelists have encountered
in their own work and ways to overcome the challenges. And representatives from the NIH and the publishing world will talk about their efforts to increase transparency when approving grants and
reviewing scientific papers.

Panelists will answer audience questions live at the end of the panel discussion, including ones participants can submit during the registration process and via the chat room during the live broadcast.

Time: 2:30 – 4:00 EST


        * RICHARD HARRIS, Science Correspondent, NPR


        * MICHAEL HOLTZMAN, MD, Professor, Washington University School of
        * JEFFREY HASPEL, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Washington University
School of Medicine
        * DANA PHILPOTT, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
        * PATRICIA VALDEZ, PhD, Health Science Policy Analyst & Extramural
Research Integrity Officer, National Institutes of Health
        * MICHAEL LAUER*, MD, Deputy Director for Extramural Research, National
Institutes of Health
        * EMILIE MARCUS*, PhD, CEO, Cell Press
        * ALISON FARRELL*, PhD, Senior Editor, _Nature Medicine,_ Nature



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