Course Catalog

Compulsory subjects

Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
Teaching internship
Research Seminars

Elective courses

Marine and Estuarine Pollution Assessment
Toxicological health risk assessment
Integrated environmental quality assessment and monitoring
Cell Biology for Healthcare Professionals
Biomaterials and biocompatibility
Biochemistry Applied to Tissue Engineering
Biotechnology Talks
Biotechnology applied to the development of recombinant vaccines
Animal cell culture
Tissue Engineering Applied to Human Health
Gene expression applied to biotechnology
Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology
Fundamentals of Toxicological Genetics
Immunocerebral interactions and implications for psychiatric disorders
Biotechnology Research Methods and Techniques
Methods in Molecular Biology
Immunological Methods Used to Assess Vaccine Efficacy
Environmental Monitoring of Organic Contaminants
Experimental Planning and Process Optimization
Marine natural products
Psychopharmacology and Bioactive Natural Products
Chemical and Biochemical Reactors
Cell Signaling in Eukaryotic Cells - Concepts and methodology applied to cell study
Biofuel Production Technology
Gene and cell therapy
Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology and Omics
Advanced Topics in Endocrinology and Toxicology of Reproduction
Advanced Topics in Toxicological Genetics
Topics in Neuroscience and Biotechnology
Toxicology and toxicological analyzes
Use of fluorescent and bioluminescent markers for prospecting compounds with biological activity